Our Technology

Improving drug properties through chemical generation of glycosylated peptides and proteins

Unlike the cell culture systems traditionally used for the production of glycopeptide and glycoprotein therapeutics, the chemical synthesis methods that underpin GlyTech’s technology enable us to produce highly controllable, homogeneous glycan profiles.

Based on collaborative research carried out with Professor Yasuhiro Kajihara of Osaka University, we have the unique ability to extract human N-glycans from an abundant natural source (chicken egg) on a large scale, and selectively attach them to a chosen peptide or protein at desired positions.

GlyTech is able to offer a seamless route from glycan production to glycopeptide and glycoprotein synthesis for your target compound or biopharmaceutical.

Human-type Glycan Library

Our wide-range chemoenzymatic process allows us to offer a library of over 50 highly purified and characterized human type N-linked glycan structures.

Our glycans are offered as Asn-Fmoc/Boc derivatives for easy use in peptide synthesis. Other reducing terminal modifications are available to suit your desired application.

Chemical Glycosylation

Our key glycoslyation technologies enable conjugation of glycans to peptides and proteins via Asn or Cys residues.

1. Conjugation to Asn-peptides during solid phase peptide synthesis

Features of glycan conjugation to Asn-peptides using solid phase peptide synthesis.

2. Conjugation to Cys-peptides

Scheme of glycan conjugation to a peptide Cys residue using solution phase method.

HPLC chart and reaction scheme of glycosylation of a peptide with 1S2S-11NC-BrAc (1.5 equivalents) in 0.2 M pH 7.4 phosphate buffer

Glycoprotein Synthesis

Our flexible glycoprotein synthesis technology offers fully chemical synthetic, semi-synthetic and post-glycosylation routes to your glycosylated biopharmaceutical.

Diagram of GlyTech, Inc.'s three different glycoprotein synthesis routes: Fully Chemical Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic, and Post-Glycosylation. All routes offer a homogenous final product.

Applicable to a Broad Range of Peptides and Proteins

Graph showing broad applicability of GlyTech, Inc. synthesis technologies from small molecules to peptides, proteins and antibodies.

Glycosylated protein design / Glycoengineering

Enabling “biobetter” and novel glycoprotein drug discovery through rational compound design from glycosylation position to glycan structure to optimize drug properties and efficacy.

Diagram illustrating GlyTech, Inc.'s glycoprotein engineering process.