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Custom glycopeptide & glycoprotein synthesis

Synthesis of homogenous glycopeptides and glycoproteins

The increasing importance of glycans in life science has led to a greater need for glycopeptides and glycoproteins that have controlled glycoforms, for applications such as peptide drug discovery, antibody development, and biomarker analysis.

GlyTech, Inc. has spent over 20 years developing a chemical glycosylation platform to meet this need which conventional cellular expression cannot fulfill. We provide chemical synthesis of homogeneous glycopeptides and small glycoproteins with full glycoform control, including glycan position, number, and structure. Our highly flexible platform allows us to custom synthesize glycopeptides and glycoproteins towards the exact requirements of your project.

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Synthesis capabilities

Type of glycosylation

We can synthesize homogeneous glycopeptides and glycoproteins with any glycan(s) from our library.

  • N-glycosylated peptides and proteins (asparagine-linked or cysteine-linked)
  • O-glycosylated peptides and proteins (threonine-linked or serine-linked)

Designable glycoform

Our technology allows us to freely design the glycan pattern that we apply to a peptide or protein in terms of glycan position, structure, and number.

Customized specifications

  • Target purity can be defined (>90% as standard)
  • Available from milligram to gram scale and up to kilogram manufacturing scale
  • Customized analysis options

Peptide synthesis capabilities

  • Long peptide synthesis (up to ~200 A.A.)
  • Chemical ligation and folding to form small glycoproteins
  • Cyclization (head to tail, side chain)
  • Branched peptides
  • “Difficult” sequences
  • Incorporation of D-enantiomers and unnatural amino acids
    …and more
  • Biotinylation
  • PEGylation
  • Labeling with stable isotopes, tags, dye labels, fluorescent labels
  • Acetylation, formylation, acylation
  • Amidation
  • Lipidation
    …and more

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  • We provide contract manufacturing of glycopeptides/glycoproteins (GMP/non-GMP grade) on a commercialization scale. Find out more on our API manufacturing page.

Quality assured

We produce high-quality, homogeneous glycopeptides and glycoproteins using chemical synthesis methods. The quality of every synthesized glycopeptide/glycoprotein is confirmed by HPLC and MS analyses, with the results provided to the client.

Example analysis results for one of our synthetic glycopeptides

Potential applications

Glycosylation is essential to the functions and recognition of a wide range of natural peptides and proteins and is also associated with various diseases including infection and cancer. Our fully synthetic glycopeptides and glycoproteins have helped our clients in numerous applications:

  • Glycosylated therapeutic development
  • Antigens for antibody development
  • Vaccine development
  • Reference standards for biomarker discovery
  • Immobilized glycans or glycopeptides on arrays or affinity beads
  • Fundamental glycoscience

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