Pipeline: GT-02037

Glycosylated somatostatin analogue

GT-02037 is a glycosylated somatostatin showing high blood stability and a native-somatostatin-like agonist activity toward the 5 somatostatin receptor subtypes (sstr1, sstr2, sstr3, sstr4, sstr5).

With this full 5 receptor affinity, GT-02037 represents a next generation somatostatin analog for the treatment of acromegaly and other somatostatin-related indications. It is expected to satisfy the needs unmet by current somatostatin analogs, such as unserved indications, non-responsivity to current pharmacotherapies, and undesirable side effects.


  • Native-like affinity and agonist activity profile – expected to be a promising alternative treatment for patients unsatisfied with current somatostatin analogs
  • A wide range of potential indications
  • Animal POC of growth hormone suppressing effect
  • Safety and tolerability confirmed in Phase I clinical trial