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R&D acceleration

Helping bring your therapeutic idea to reality

Using our technologies powered by natural structures, we aim to accelerate the R&D process and support you throughout your drug development journey.

About our services

A unique approach for drug development

We’re committed to helping you walk a new path to success using high quality, reliable drug development services and products designed for the creation of high performance, highly original lead candidates.

Inspired by Nature

Our powerful and flexible platform technologies are based on natural peptide and oligosaccharide structures, with the aim of generating highly stable, safe and bioactive drug candidates.

Fully Integrated

We provide services and products across all drug development stages, from fundamental research to commercialization. Save time and effort and focus more fully on the drug development process.

Wide Applications

Our technologies are compatible with various drug modalities and suitable for use in many different applications, including biotherapeutics development, antibody development, peptide-drug conjugation, and DDS research.

Our solutions by service type

We provide various services, products, and tailored solutions to meet the needs of your project. We are also open to discussing any type of partnership.
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Complete life cycle support

Our solutions span all development stages. We’re ready to help you succeed wherever you might be in the drug product lifecycle, from academic/basic research to lead identification, lead optimization, API manufacturing, and quality control.

20+ Years experience in glycosylation. 75% Repeat customers. 100+ Types of glycosylated compound.