Pipeline: GT-15019

Multiply-glycosylated interferon-β

GT-15019 has been developed using our glycosylation platform to increase the number of N-glycans attached to native IFN- β to improve its properties.

GT-15019 is a biobetter-type therapeutic candidate that exhibits a longer plasma half-life and better in vivo activity than native-type IFN-β. Chemically synthesized rather than expressed, GT-15019 is structurally homogenous, greatly simplifying its purification and QC for future manufacturing.

GT-15019 is a potential treatment candidate for multiple-sclerosis (MS).


  • Better in vivo activity with longer half-life than native IFN-β
  • Animal POC of anti-tumor effects in mouse model
  • Fully homogenous glycosylation will allow for simpler QC