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Glycosylation service

Customized glycosylation for your target compound

The development of glycoscience has led to the discovery of various glycans and naturally glycosylated compounds that have been important in unlocking the secrets of biological systems and pathological mechanisms such as infection and cancer.

Recognizing the increasing need for glycosylated research materials and drug candidates, GlyTech, Inc. has developed a flexible glycosylation platform that allows us to produce structurally-defined glycans with suitable activating groups and selectively attach them to a variety of materials such as peptides and proteins, lipids, oligonucleotides (DNA/RNA), and small molecules via fully chemical methods.

The homogeneous glycan patterns produced by our platform can reduce the number of variables in your research, helping you to obtain more accurate results or desired physico-chemical properties, with confidence.

Contact our experts to discuss how we can work together to glycosylate your target.

Case studies

Our chemical glycosylation technology is flexible and compatible with various modalities. The case studies below illustrate some of our capabilities. Why not contact us to discuss your potential project requirements?

Glycosylation of expressed peptides/proteins

Activated glycans can be selectively attached to a free thiol group on an expressed protein.
Application: Biotherapeutics development, drug delivery system research and development.

Glyco-lipid synthesis

Synthesis of glycosylated cholesterol and phospholipids for glyco-liposome production, or direct glycosylation of liposomes.
Application: Drug delivery system research and development.

Glyco-oligonucleotide (DNA/RNA) synthesis

We can conjugate glycans or glycopeptides to oligonucleotides via free thiol or amine functionalities.
Application: Biotherapeutics research and development.

Glycosylation of small molecule drugs

Our human-type complex N-glycans can be loaded with anti-cancer drugs at either end using direct conjugation or linkers such as azide groups.
Application: Therapeutics development, antibody drug conjugation (ADC), peptide drug conjugation (PDC).

Glycosylation of synthetic polymers

Modified with an activation group, our human-type complex N-glycans can be easily conjugated to the target synthetic monomers and polymers.
Application: Drug delivery system and bio-sensor research and development

Example applications:

  • New drug modalities
  • Antibody-drug conjugation (ADC)
  • Peptide-drug conjugation (PDC)
  • Drug delivery systems (DDS)
  • Bio-sensors …and more

Potential benefits of glycosylated therapeutics:

  • Increased solubility
  • Increased plasma stability
  • Enhanced in vivo activity
  • Reduced immunogenicity
  • Altered biodistribution

We also provide a contract research service to develop new drugs using our glycosylation technology.

Our process

1. Initial consultation

Our experts work with your team to confirm the target compound, project aims, and required glycan pattern. A feasibility evaluation, lead time, and quotation are then provided.

2. Target material sourcing

Method 1. Client prepares the target material

To reduce procurement time and cost, or to leverage your technology, you can send us your prepared peptides, proteins, or other target materials for glycosylation.


Method 2. GlyTech prepares the target material

We handle the entire synthesis process, starting with the preparation of the target material(s) for glycosylation either in-house or using commercial products from reliable suppliers.

3. Target material glycosylation

We use the most suitable solution to attach the selected glycans to your target compound(s). Our experts will closely monitor the process and keep in communication with your team so that you can confirm the project is on track.

4. Delivery

After purification, the quality of each glycosylated compound is evaluated by HPLC and mass spectrometry before delivery to you or your partner.


  • Widely applicable chemical glycosylation technology
  • Professional technical team specialized in glycoscience and organic chemistry
  • High-quality and efficient service
  • Flexible business model and customer-centric solutions
  • High-quality deliverables and reliable quality assurance