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Labeled N-glycan standards

Enhance the accuracy of your analyses

Glycosylation affects the safety and efficacy profile of biopharmaceuticals. Even minor changes in glycoform can alter the protein stability, bioactivity, and immunogenicity of a biopharmaceutical. From the development of new biologics and biosimilars to long-term quality control, accurate glycoprofiling and glycan structure identification are increasingly critical.

GlyTech, Inc. synthesizes a wide range of carefully tailored labeled glycans to meet specialty analysis requirements. All of our products undergo strict quality control with HPLC, MS, and NMR characterization and enzymatic digestion tests. Our labelled single N-glycan reference standards are particularly suitable for distinguishing between minor structural changes that are difficult to characterize with conventional standards.


Enhance your in-house glycan identification capabilities with GlyTech’s labeled N-glycan standards


GlyTech’s semi-synthetic approach

Our semi-synthetic approach from bulk G2S2 allows us to access a wide range of glycan structures, including minor products of typical enzymatic syntheses, at a high purity and homogeneity.

Validated structures

Each of our synthetic routes has been validated through detailed characterization of the glycosidic bond positions and configurations of the product glycan.

Clarify minor changes in structure

GlyTech’s individual asymmetric glycan standards can increase the accuracy of your results by helping you identify branch isomers with confidence.

A wide range of labels

Beyond the 2-AB labeled glycans listed in our catalog, we can also supply glycans labelled with 2-AA, 2-AP or other special labels to order. (For more information: Custom glycan synthesis)

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StructureCommon nameSer-FmocThr-Fmoc

Glycan Diagram Key

legend; Representative glycan structure