Pipeline: GT-01123

Glycosylated GLP-1 Analogue

GT-01123 is a glycosylated GLP-1 analog that exhibits a blood glucose lowering effect and a longer half-life than commercial drug exenatide in mouse models.

GlyTech, Inc. has developed GT-01123 using human type N-glycans and human-type GLP-1. Relative to exenatide, which is based on Gila monster-origin peptide structure, GT-01123 is highly expected to have a lower risk of immunogenicity.

GT-01123 is a potential treatment candidate for type 2 diabetes patients.


  • Longer half-life and highly expected to have lower immunogenicity than exenatide
  • Animal POC in mouse model
  • Fully homogenous glycosylation will allow for simpler QC