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O-glycan reagents

High quality, homogeneous O-glycan reagents made accessible for in-house synthesis and research

O-linked glycans are oligosaccharides that are covalently linked to peptides or proteins mainly through serine (Ser) or threonine (Thr), and are involved in various physiological processes, such as hematopoiesis, inflammation response, and pathogen invasion mechanisms. Some specific O-glycan structures have been found to be antigens that are not expressed on the surface of normal cells but are present on cancer cells, and so may serve as tumor markers.

GlyTech, Inc. provides homogenous O-glycans in Ser-Fmoc and Thr-Fmoc forms for convenient use in the synthesis of homogeneous O-glycopeptides with a native O-linkage. Our O-glycan reagents are available in practical amounts (milligram scale) for glycomics/glycoproteomics research, biomarker discovery, new drug development, and other applications.

Find the O-glycan reagent you need in our Catalog of O-glycans, or contact us today to discuss your specific application requirements.


Well-defined glycan structures

GlyTech’s O-glycan reagents are synthesized via chemoenzymatic methods. All our O-glycan reagents are homogeneous with defined linkages.

High purity

Our glycan reagents come in a purity of >90% as standard, with >95% available upon request.

Flexible order volume

1 mg to 100 mg to meet different requirements.

We also provide custom glycan synthesis and custom glycopeptide synthesis services. If you would like to order an O-glycan with other modifications or a homogeneous O-glycopeptide with controlled glycoform, please contact us to discuss your requirements with our experts.

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