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Custom glycan synthesis

We make glycans

Custom synthesis of glycans and glycan derivatives for your specific purpose

GlyTech, Inc. excels in the large-scale manufacturing of complex N-type oligosaccharides and O-type oligosaccharides (also called N-linked glycans and O-linked glycans) using chemical and chemo-enzymatic methods.

We make glycan reagents accessible: Our custom glycan synthesis service provides high quality and homogeneous oligosaccharides and oligosaccharide derivatives with suitable modifications for application in projects ranging from new therapeutics development to biomarker discovery, BSA/KLH-conjugation, antibody glycoengineering, and fundamental glycoscience research.

Our experts can support you from reagent selection to experimental usage. Contact us to discuss your project needs today.

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We’re also able to chemically synthesize homogeneous glycopeptides/glycoproteins and glycosylate expressed proteins and other materials. Find out more at the links below or contact us directly.

Our capabilities

Customize the glycan derivative you need

We can create custom glycan reagents or analytical standards suited to your specific project by applying reducing end modifications, small molecule conjugations or labels to any of our glycan structures.


"Glycan structure": Library of 50+ N-glycans and 10+ O-glycans, "Modification or label": Select a suitable solution with the help of our experts, "High quality product": Glycan reagent synthesized, quality tested and delivered

See our synthetic capabilities below or a quick overview of some example structures here.

N-linked oligosaccharides

  • Complex N-type glycans
    • Symmetric structures
    • Asymmetric structures
    • Mixed sialylation (α(2,3)/(2,6), NeuGc/NeuAc, etc.)
    • Alpha-gal terminated structures
    • Core fucosylation
  • Tri-branched N-glycans
  • Tetra-branched N-glycans
  • High mannose N-glycans
  • Hybrid type N-glycans
  • Special glycan structures (e.g. bisecting GlcNAc)

Activating group

  • Asn-Fmoc/Boc
  • Asn
  • Oxazoline
  • Haloacetamide (BrAc-, ClAc-)
  • Maleimide
  • Succinimide
  • Hydroxy group (-OH), etc.

O-linked oligosaccharides

  • Tn antigen
  • Core 1 (T)
  • 2,3-sialyl T
  • Core 2
  • Core 3
  • Core 4
  • Core 5
  • Core 6
  • Core 7
  • Core 8

Conjugations and labels

  • Biotin
  • PEG
  • Chemical linkers, such as click chemistry
  • Spacers
  • 2-AB
  • 2-AA
  • Multiple attribute method (MAM) labels
  • Fluorescent labels
  • Stable isotopic labels, etc.


Flexible order volume

  • μg scale for analytical standards
  • mg to ~g scale for laboratory grade research (minimum order 1.0 mg)
  • Up to kilogram-scale glycan intermediate production for API manufacturing

Highly pure and well-defined structures

  • Standard purity: >90% (>95% available upon request)
  • Highly structurally homogenous, including positional isomers
Our technology allows us to provide asymmetrically branched glycans (positional isomers) as well-defined separate products.


Example structures

At GlyTech, we use various chemical and enzymatic approaches to synthesize the glycan structures you need.
See more examples of our synthesis capabilities in our catalog or discuss your glycan structure requirements with our experts today.